Frequently Asked Questions

Lawsolva is a platform where users with legal issues or problems can connect with the appropriate legal professional by using our legal expert filters and lawyer search engine. Filters are based on location/specialization/legal issue of the user etc.
Lawsolva doesn’t advertise for any lawyer. It is just a platform where an online presence is provided to the lawyers. The users select the legal expert based on their needs.
Lawsolva only allows lawyers licensed by the Bar Council of India to register as experts on our platform. Sufficient checks are made to verify that the lawyer on our website is a licensed one. Only when the verification is complete, the lawyer is provided with his online presence.
The lawyers have the most detailed profiles based on their experience, location, education, areas of practice, specializations, services provided by them, ratings from previous users and the consultation fee per hour. This information helps you select the best legal expert.
The user may book consultation mode of his choice from the profile of the selected lawyer. The consultation workflow would depend on the mode of consultation selected. The user has to pay in advance for video, text, and voice chat legal advice. Free legal advice can also be sought from the multiple lawyers after posting a question in our alleys.
Apart from being useful for consumers seeking legal advice, serves as an excellent platform for lawyers. Instead of constantly asking for referrals, lawyers can spend their time showcasing their knowledge on the website, and the rest will take care of itself. By answering a few questions a day on this website, lawyers can not only build their online reputation via feedback ratings, but they can also generate leads for legal services as long as they want provides video , text ,voice and office consultations to the users. Online legal advice consists of video , text and voice advice. Also the users may post a free question at the lawsolva “Alleys” and get advice from multiple lawyers as answers to the legal issue in question.
Lawsolva Alleys are the forums where users post their legal problem as a question, and can get advice from multiple lawyers as answers.